Recurve Bow Kit Number Three


This kit has a High-specification forge aluminium riser/handle with the following features. Ridgid and lightweight design that offers great weight distribution. . The riser has a full range of tuning features for the best tune and groups and is available in a range of anodised colours. The kit also
benefits from higher quality Easton XX75 Platinum Plus Arrows.

Kit Comprises:

  • Forged Metal Riser/Handle ILF limb fittings
  • ILF Limbs
  • Bow Stringer
  • Metal Arrow Rest
  • Pressure Button
  • String
  • WNS Target Sight
  • Bowstand
  • Long Rod Stabiliser
  • Quiver & Belt
  • 8 XX75 Platinum Plus Arrows
  • Arrow Puller
  • Decut/Krossen Finger Tab
  • Backpack with Arrow Tube
  • Finger Sling
  • Fabric Arm Guard
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